Balloon Cars

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Students were shown how to make a rolling chassis and were left on their own to discover how to power it with a balloon and straw.

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Marble Run Challenge

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The grade fives and sixes took on the Marble Run Challenge.  They had an hour to build their Marble Run and when tested the winning time was 7 seconds.

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Building Playgrounds

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Some volunteers dropped by from the University of Windsor’s Let’s Talk Science Program and helped our grade 2’s build playgrounds.

Straw Towers

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10 straws and 10cm of tape to build the tallest tower you can.

Kicking Machine

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Students had to make a kicking machine that could kick a ping pong ball 30cm into a cup.

Making Hovercrafts

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Students were given a cd, piece of packing material, straw, tape and a balloon to make a hovercraft.  It was tougher then they thought.

Cardboard Cars

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Students could only use cardboard, straws and tape to build a specific size car. The design was left up to  them.

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