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Students were invited to take part in the traditional First Nations beading.


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Our grade six class created ArtBots that used simple electrical supplies to draw on paper using markers.


Balloon Car Testing

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Testing our balloon cars with much success.


Marble Run Challenge Video

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Games Week

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We had a “games” week in the Makerspace.  No tinkering, just thinkering!

20170214_093146 20170214_093257 20170214_093401 20170214_093408 20170214_093417


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Our grade eights had to “deconstruct” an electronic device/appliance while taking pictures of each step and writing down what they thought the parts did.  It was quite a mess but gave them a whole new appreciation of how complicated even the simplest device can be.

20170206_151548 20170206_151945 20170213_145957 20170213_150008 20170213_150018 20170213_150059 20170213_150156 20170213_150303 20170213_150329 20170213_150401 20170213_150443 deconstruct2 deconstruct3 deconstruct5

Balloon Cars

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Students were shown how to make a rolling chassis and were left on their own to discover how to power it with a balloon and straw.

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