As spring was approaching my kindergarten classes wanted to do something where we could create the sounds of spring.  So we brainstormed the sounds and decided to draw “spring sounds” first then try to create the sounds.  From their ideas I created a template for them to use which had lightning, frogs, birds, trees etc. and they used this to draw their “Sounds of Spring” picture on tracing paper.  This way they could spend more time creating the scene and not worry about the detail of the shapes.  I also made a couple of samples to provide some ideas in addition to providing actual pictures of the sounds we were trying to create.  After they spent about 20 minutes working on their drawings we chose one to attach the sounds to.  Since we chose a rain storm scene the students picked our shakers for rain, and a drum & symbol for thunder.  Here is our process with the final creation, in video format, at the end.







The video can be found at the link below…